Below are few of the ways to bring your Ex Girlfriend back. 1) Apologize Its all your fault. If either one of you did something completely morally, then you should consider if it’s worth getting back together. Some couples can get
The 30 minutes Irony. She came home with her male friend for studies. He met her family, they both studied for some time, then he drifted off. Father: Who was he? She: He was my friend, Aad Father: Which friend?
Poonam Pandey did what she is best at – seeking attention. She congratulated Team India by posting this super sleazy picture on Twitter. A SMALL gift to team India in Maa style #IndvsBanYOU ROCK!! Muuuuuaaah💋💋💋💋🙏 — Poonam Pandey (@iPoonampandey) March
If I had a lifeboat I’d put it in the water now Try to climb aboard it now As the ship goes down If I had a getaway car I’d probably give the signal now Climb in through the window
Its not Horoscope, it’s something different from it. Read the below content to know more about you:- BABY BORN ON MONDAY Sensitive and emotional. Adaptable to change Fast Learner BABY BORN ON TUESDAY Curious and experimenting things around Full of
Fruits are not only good for optimal health, but offer amazing benefits for the skin. This is because fruits are powerhouses of essential nutrients, loaded with various vitamins, minerals, antioxidants sugar, fiber and proteins. Since skin is the largest organ
Here it goes, Kareena’s costume in Golmaal Return. They were sophisticated as well as pretty. Jennifer Aniston in Bounty Hunter When we are talking about best dressed Actress then How can we forget Sarah Jane parker(Carrie Bradshaw) in Sex and
Vijay Mallya, the former chairman of United Spirits, owes over Rs 7,000 crore to 17 banks. SBI is leading the legal battle in the Supreme Court and Debt Recovery Tribunal against liquor baron. From a flamboyant billionaire to a man
Hold me strong and close My love, you embrace me in your arms, You smile, I feel so calm, Hold me strong and close, All those magic words you say, Heaven sighs and I just sway, Don’t let me drift
2016 is the year of new technologies and also polishing yourself in old as well new technologies. More you learn more you gain. 1. Web technologies. At a bare minimum a basic understanding of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. 2. Beyond